Ann Tichelaar Swerdfeger

Registered Psychotherapist

Call: #519-520-3080


Do you identify as First Nations/Inuit/Metis and/or a Indian Residential school student or family member?  You could qualify for FREE counselling services. 

I am an approved Mental Health Counsellor through NIHB

Children (Play Therapy)

Play is a "natural language and context for children and teens to explore and express their worlds.  In treatment this is a valuable venue for them to gain understanding and master over their complex inner experiences that they are unable to vocalize."

Play Therapy includes various treatment modalities.  I often use an eclectic approach that incorporates the following:

- Cognitive Behaviour Play Therapy

- Sand Tray

- Non-Directive (Child- Centred)

- Art


-Guided Imagery





I like to follow the individuals lead and if the traditional "talk therapy" works, then great.

However sometimes feelings are too big for words which is why other therapeutic interventions are helpful to facilitate healing and new learnings.  These could include:

- Art

- Narrative

- Sand Tray

- Mixed Media



Family therapy works with the awareness that each human being is not merely an individual, but is also a part of many social groups or social systems.

All families are different!  That is why as a therapist I ensure treatment remains flexible in whatever way makes sense with each individual family to solve the problem quickly and effectively.


Family therapy is an effective treatment modality because it harnesses the power of the family to heal itself.


Because there are more participants in this treatment, sessions do take longer.  Please plan on 75 minutes for family sessions.

Children, Teens/ Adults, Family

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